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Love for Ludwig

For all fans of Beethoven
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This community has been made for all fans of Beethoven. I realized that LiveJournal had all sorts of communites for other composers, but there were no Beethoven communities! Come here to discuss anything related to Ludwig van Beethoven.

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1. The community is called beethoven_love. Get it? We love Beethoven. Constructive criticism is allowed, friendly debating, whatever. But no Beethoven hating. Who in their right mind hates Beethoven, though?

2. All pictures larger than 200x200 pixels should be behind a cut. (That's roughly the size of the image above.) Don't know how to do one? Go to LiveJournal FAQ.

3. Please do NOT start drama in this community. It's dumb. Plus, we're classical music fans. Our intelligence level is above all that. :D

This community is moderated by kellyjellybean3.