..::bella vita::.. (por_que_no) wrote in beethoven_love,
..::bella vita::..

intro :)

Hey, thought I'd stop in and say hi even though nobody's posted in awhile...

I'm a pianist and a second-year theory major at Michigan but my interest really lies in composition. I write very "old school" type stuff...I sometimes think of myself as a "reactionary" to the whole atonal movement that many composers can't seem to shake off. Anyways, I'm pretty much obsessed with Beethoven's piano concerti and piano works...I've been told that the C major piano concerto I'm working on writing (2 mvts. done so far) sounds like Beethoven 4 (which I now want to play lol). I guess that's a testament to my obsession, lol...the concerto also reeks of the Waldstein (which I was working on the first mvt. of at the time...I'll be picking it up again so I can learn mvt. 3) but that's why I enjoy it so much :) So basically, Beethoven is awesome. :)
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